October 5, 2013

Video Preview: Noted Buddhist Authority on Death and Dying to do US Tour

Popular Buddhist Author, Lama Ole Nydahl, will share insights from his recently published book Fearless Death: Buddhist Wisdom on the Art of Dying:

Nov 14, 2013: Chicago, IL
Nov 15, 2013: Minneapolis, MN
Nov 16, 2013: San Diego, CA
Nov 20, 2013: Maui, HI
Nov 23, 2013: San Francisco, CA
Nov 25, 2013: Denver, CO

His new book, Fearless Death, provides detailed explanations about the death process to help readers transform theirs fears and doubts into confidence and a calm state of mind.

Nydahl is a fully-qualified Lama in the Karma Kagyu lineage and one of the world’s leading experts on the profound Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice used at the time of death ("conscious dying" or "Phowa"). Since 1987 he has taught this meditation to over 90,000 people worldwide.

This is Nydahl’s second trip to the U.S. this year, part of his year-long international book tour for Fearless Death. His May 2013 U.S. tour opened with a symposium called Death, Dying and Transformation, with noted experts in the field of death, dying, and end of life care.

WHO: Lama Ole Nydahl, renowned Buddhist teacher and author
WHAT: Lecture and meditations inspired by his book: Fearless Death: Buddhist Wisdom on the Art of Dying.
WHEN: November 14-25, 2013
WHERE: United States tour
(646) 580-6254